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In area there are less than electric trains

It it became connected with unprofitableness horned a type of transport

- For eight months of this year we have lost an order of 70 million roubles in the suburban message, - tells a press - the secretary of the Penza branch of the Kuibyshev railway Valery Konishchev. - to reduce these losses, the decision since September, 20th to stop movement of some electric trains was accepted. In particular what are most convenient for cancellation and are transported by few passengers. Also have ceased to go and suburban trains which have started up only on daylight saving time.
till what time electric trains will not go, it is not known. But already now many penzentsy have felt shortage of trains.
- earlier an electric train following on a route Kuznetsk - Penza - I, every morning at seven o`clock brought to a city for work of people from Leonidovki, - reader Alexander Dmitrievich speaks. - And in the evening, about nine, we went back. Now since yesterday all should go only in the overflowed bus or on poputkah.
Many penzentsy already began to be converted with complaints and offers to the railway - to return suburban trains back.
- all references, - Valery Konishchev assures, - are now taken into consideration and considered. Changes in local services still will be. It is not excluded, what even in the near future any electric train again will start up. If on that there will be a necessity.


Anna DMITRICHEVA, vega@kpplus. tl. ru