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The summer residence is a beauty and excellent rest

After two releases successively in our constant heading the Summer residence we told that penzentsy the sites throw and why it occurs, the letter has come to edition from the reader.
has read in your newspaper a material about, a leah it is necessary to buy and contain now the ground areas, - Svetlana Viktorovna writes. - weighty arguments of that a summer residence - business unprofitable are resulted presently, apparently. And I want to look together with you at this problem a little on the other hand.
I in youth on a parental summer residence went twice a year, and each time for me it was penal servitude. Until we with the husband have not got the site with a small house in the Robin - the most beautiful place on the brink of wood, near to a pond, and has got acquainted with neighbours at whom grew not only a potato, but also set of ornamental plants.
I was surprised, it appears, the summer residence is not only beds, dirty and heavy work, but also magnificent rest, the magic summer evenings given to drink by aromas of flowers and shined with light of stars and patches of light of a fire. On this plot of land it is possible to come to grow up beauty. As if the artist a brush to draw its live plants. Except pleasure for eyes, it also divine smells! The picture changes every day, and contemplation of your small paradise garden will not bore you never!.
And we have gone to look at all this beauty and to get acquainted with summer residents who create it.

From a currant to a juniper
- Now we will show you an exemplary summer residence from which the eye cannot be torn off, - the chairman speaks. - its owners are taken by landscape design eighteen years, therefore at them is on what to look.
Galina Nikolaevna Smirnova, the inveterate summer resident, says that their site while is imperfect, and is to what to aspire. But it thus that at it about 150 kinds of ornamental plants!
- my hobby has begun with kustarnikovyh, in particular, from a barberry, - Galina Nikolaevna tells. - And on a broader scale, the first that I have planted on the summer residence, there was a currant. Now I plant hvojniki - a juniper of different grades, a pine, a thuja and others. They do not demand special leaving, the main thing many not to water.
but cares the lawn demands also: periodically it is undermined by moles, ants arrange the house, or there are weeds. It it is necessary to get rid of all, that it looked adequately. Besides, it is necessary for mowing from time to time.
Galina Nikolaevna for the winter covers all plants fir twigs and a warming material, that they not vymerzli.
By its example already and other summer residents began to decorate the sites that on them always it would be desirable to return.

Create love space
Gardening fellowship the Robin it is surrounded by hills and wood, and nearby - a pond. Us have met in the house of chairman Oleg Semenova, and we were convinced that the summer residence is not only numerous beds. Certainly, here grow up a potato and vegetables, but not it is evident. The site most part is occupied with a lawn. On it - some apple-trees and the pears surrounded motley barhattsami and nasturtiums. Even in the autumn a lawn looks extraordinary elegantly.
is at first a landing material it is necessary to buy, - owners of a summer residence speak. - and then already the will grow. Certainly, dokupaem or from other summer residents we take, but it does not demand amazing expenses. In the winter we draw the plan where that we will put, and we start to work in the spring. And all season at us one blossom that, other plants, till late autumn.
Such colourful sites summer residents name love space, after all created them with the big love which then comes back to you.


Olga MEDVEDEV, olya@kpplus. tl. ru