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The Penza militiamen have gone to the Chechen Republic

Now OMON FIGHTERS will protect the bridge through Terek

Yesterday in the next official journey to the Chechen republic have gone about hundred persons. Hearings that the Penza militiamen will be deployed in other area of the Chechen Republic, went for a long time. And here, under the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, our children have defined a new place of service. It is a village of Chervlenaja in the north of the Chechen Republic.
- business trip will last 180 days, without considering road, - the deputy chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Penza region Igor Gashin accompanying a column makes comments. - almost all children go to the Chechen republic not the first time and know service realities. The fired children, in a word. We hope that will be possible to save a constitutional order without emergency situations.
Our militiamen should protect a little strategically important objects in one of the most densely populated areas of republic. And the bridge through the river Terek, connecting north and the south of the Chechen Republic becomes the most important object of protection.
for the first time women are included in summary group of the Penza militia - employees passport - visa service.
- me even the grand daughter has come to see off, - tells Ljubov Lartseva from Narovchata. - half a year, but such work at us is heavy to leave, of course, on whole.
already tomorrow penzentsy should arrive on new destination. And during week-end returning home OMON FIGHTERS from Grozny is expected - their six-monthly business trip comes to an end.


Alexander Tolkachev, ątol@kpplus. tl. ru