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We and old monuments cannot save

Yesterday told that the underground monastery is found in Serdobsky area. To reveal secret of a mansion hieromonk Andrey has solved. To the aid of it local residents have come also. In this connection have decided to be converted to readers with a question: And what unknown monuments of history on the Penza earth are known by you?
Nadezhda Hlebnova, the homemaker:
- In Penza it is a lot of architecture monuments, only here the majority of them have already collapsed or are close to it. My acquaintances live in the house 20 along the street Moscow. To their house already more than 100 years. When - that it belonged to any notable merchant. A building really interesting. High ceilings, the big windows, furnish. However there is one important problem - the house is in a dilapidated status. Inhabitants as can, support it, but the help is necessary - after all it is city centre.
Vladimir Tarasov, the pensioner:
- What for to us new monuments if we old are not able to save? Recently passed by a monument to the Trailblazer in the street Lermontov. Has paid attention that the metal figure has been covered by a rust. And after all it some kind of a symbol of our city. And the governor`s house on the Soviet area in what has turned? Have now fenced, that all shame it was not visible. It would be desirable to hope that we will appreciate and store that from ancestors has got to us.
Tamara Levko, the teacher:
- Now in city centre ancient houses which also are architecture monuments, lease to rich firms. Those equip in them the modern offices, destroying valuable architecture. Put plastic windows, decorate on - to the facades. And after all it it is impossible to do. It seems to me that it is necessary to lease such buildings provided that businessmen will care of architecture monuments.