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Maxim Galkin has got used at image of Yury Kopylov

the Popular satirist on performances uses phrases eks - the mayor of Vladivostok.

In our city parodist Galkin has given three anshlagovyh a concert. Spectators on its performances rolled from a laughter. Politicians and platform stars on a scene changed one after another. Vladimir Putin, Renata Litvinova, Nikita Mikhalkov, Jeanne Aguzarova went a never-ending stream. But the special agiotage in a hall was called by Maxim`s phrase Breed and breed! . Experts on political life of Vladivostok have remembered that it in due time told eks - the mayor of our city Yury Kopylov.

- whence it has appeared in your repertoire? - Local journalists have stuck to the parodist after performance.

- in last my arrival we met Yury Mihajlovichem, - Maxim has remembered. - then - that he also has told this well-known phrase. I consider that an appeal remarkable. It is time to raise a demographic situation in the country! And that in Moscow, except Vladimir Volfovicha, anybody does not want to breed.

by the way, Kopylov was remembered to Galkin also by a remarkable gift. During a concert in 2004 the town governor has risen on a scene and has presented to the humorist and its accompanist Levonu Oganezovu two Thai sailing vessels of handwork. And during their subsequent dialogue the humorist and the mayor have found out that have almost identical hobbies. Yury Mihajlovich adores to go for a drive on a water motorcycle, Maxim loves windsurfing.

- and why Levona Oganezova have not brought this time? - Journalists have taken an interest.

- it remained in Moscow, - the parodist admitted. - it is necessary also to one to work sometimes. And here I remember, how we together with Oganezovym went to last arrival to Vladivostok to play together with Chineses in Blek Dzhek . Since then I do not love gamblings. And on sports halls and other pleasures simply there is no time.

- as alcohol concern? - The press was not kept.

- I not so love alcohol, - Maxim has opened maps. - I do not receive pleasure from it. Sometimes only I can drink sweet wines. Nalivochku as - that has persuaded

By the way

this Sunday on the First channel will show transfer Who wants to become the millionaire which Maxim Galkin conducts. It is necessary to look at the program, because for the first time in it have won three million roubles. The winner - the philologist from Troitsk situated near Moscow, mother of three children and the grandmother of two grandsons.

the program beginning - in 19. 50.