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To our actors a place in circus

On Saturday, on September, 24th, has told to readers about tours in our city of trainer Olga Denisovoj and its tigers. In total 11 big cats participate in the program, two of them white. One of dangerous tricks - a tiger the Snowball under a circus dome on a swing. We were converted to readers with a question: And whom you would let out on a circus ring?
Ekaterina Nikishin, the student:
- the Trained beasts on arena it is, of course, good. But earlier, except similar representations, in a circus building concerts of different actors were held still. It is a pity that now to them do not give this platform, after all tickets there were cheaper, than in dramatic theatre.
Tamara Petrovna Pchelintseva, the pensioner:
- It is necessary Russian to deduce on arena of officials! And to throw them something that did not scoff at the people, and, to the contrary, worked for its blessing!
Michael Gurin, the teacher:
- The son I try to drive more often in circus, very much it is pleasant to it. As it small basically likes to look at clowns and animals. And it is interesting to me, why on arena there are no crocodiles or, for example, giraffes? They at all do not give in to training?
Cyril Dmitrys, the pensioner:
- I would let out on arena of many singers popular now. They make laugh the people with the singing because at some of them is not present either hearing, or a voice, and furthermore music education. Such a place only in circus, let there amuse spectators!