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Penzentsy cannot talk to Putin

the Space bridge in our city, contrary to expectations, will not establish

As it is known, today from 12 o`clock the President of Russia Vladimir Putin will communicate with the people on the air. In a number of the Russian cities will pass space bridges to give to inhabitants possibility to ask the question - practically confidentially with the president. It seemed to much, as penzentsam such chance - the regional centre as in any way will be given. However to our fellow countrymen such happiness does not shine yet.
- at us will not be a space bridge - have told to us in the Penza state broadcasting company. - we work together with Saratov. From us only technical equipment was required, it have already brought. All the rest has incurred Saratov.
So if very much it would be desirable to talk to the president personally, it is necessary to our townspeople to go to the next area - in a native city of such possibility will not be. However, there was no it and two years ago when Putin as contacted the people. Does not carry as - that penzentsam on dialogue with the head of the state.
it is necessary - to call one exit on the Direct line today by phone. Interested persons to - to be called usually happens too much, but the chance nevertheless is. Questions for the president can be left by multichannel phone: 8 - 00 - 200 - 40 - 40 (calls free), and for advanced - and through the Internet: www. prezident - line. ru Translation will be conducted by TV channels the First and Russia and radio stations Radio of Russia and the Beacon .


Olga MEDVEDEV , olya@kpplus. tl. ru