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Where penzentsam to mushroom

advises to mushroom pickers, it is better to them to go to what wood

the Mushroom season this year in the Penza region was late a little. In the beginning of September hardly it was possible to type at least one bast basket, but now fans to wander on wood bring home on some buckets of mushrooms.
this year Shemyshejsky and Penza areas are considered as the most mushroom. From these woods bring most of all mushrooms both on sale in the markets, and for itself home to make winter preparations.
however it is necessary to remember that there are favorable and adverse zones for gathering of mushrooms. After all they absorb in themselves harmful substances as the sponge, and is better to collect them in pure woods (woods, instead of landings, is lengthways expensive!) . Such are considered Nizhnelomovsky, Kamensk, Maloserdobinsky, Kuznetsk, Sosnovoborsky, Partially Kondolsky and Shemyshejsky.

how to distinguish edible fungi from the poisonous?
At all without an exception of kinds of fly agarics and pale poganok the bottom part of a leg has distinctly expressed spherical form of a bulb, thus (that it is important to remember) the leg is as though in a sack, is wrapped in thin white plenochku with the broken off edges. Such ornaments never happens on legs of edible fungi.
false honey agarics, unlike edible, do not have ring on a leg, a leg thin twisting, and the bottom party of a hat zelenovato - grey, even is dark - olive.
at a bilious mushroom if it to pull down, the pulp turns pink. At a cep it never changes colours.


Olga MEDVEDEV, Anna DMITRICHEVA, Irina LUKYANENKO, vega@kpplus. tl. ru