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Penzentsam have returned an electric train to Kuznetsk

Since October, 1st it will go under the former schedule: in the morning and in the evening

One week ago has told that in Penza have cancelled movement of ten suburban electric trains. It is connected with huge losses on the given routes: for the last months 2005 they have made about 70 million roubles.
among the cancelled electric trains basically were additional, appointed only for the summer period. But since September, 20th together with others summer by trains has ceased to go and an electric train Penza - Kuznetsk. Its sharp cancellation has called a wave of discontent people. In particular, to us in edition reader Alexander Shkerdin has called and has told that now it, as well as many other inhabitants of village Leonidovki, has lost possibility to go normally for work in a city. From Kuznetsk to Penza have left only one day route which passengers from - for inconvenient movement time use seldom.
in connection with a current situation to a management of the railway from inhabitants of the Penza region statements and requests for return of an electric train Penza - Kuznetsk began to arrive.
- we have met wishes of our passengers and have decided to renew electric train movement to Kuznetsk, - explains a press - the secretary of the Penza branch of the Kuibyshev railway Valery Konishchev. - Since October, 1st it will go under the former schedule: in the morning and in the evening. Have in exchange cancelled a day electric train in this direction.
Penzentsy are happy that all so was safely resolved also by it have returned convenient transport.
- thank God, and we already also did not know that where to be converted behind the help, - Irina, Alexander Shkerdina`s daughter speaks. - it is good that with the help all became as before. At my parents the house in Leonidovke, and they work in Penza. So the electric train Penza - Kuznetsk very much gains them always - to a city easy and quickly in any thirty minutes will reach.


Anna DMITRICHEVA, anna@kpplus. tl. ru