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Makarsky voshelv an Olympic team of Russia

Also has rescued our command from defeat

- All to clean, Makarsky to leave! - approximately so the excited Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky who has specially arrived to France shouted from a tribune to support our national team. There passed shootings of extreme teleshow the Big races . (1 channel has shown the First series past Sunday, on September, 25th.) Shows international, from our party in it participated 50 celebrities, in which number both the Olympic champions, and politicians, and show stars - business. The task forced to carry out of participants, after which many in literal sense took out with battlefields on a stretcher. In the first tour Vladimir Presnyakov has seriously suffered, it has pleased under hoofs of a bull then its (Presnyakov) have urgently sent in hospital.
an extreme - shows will show the next series next week, but, running forward, say, that our fellow countryman Anton Makarsky has suffered from hoofs of a furious animal also. However, the help was necessary any more for it, and large horned:
- I have risen and have run further, the command - that needed to be rescued, - tells penzjak.
Organizers when enticed stars on show why - that have not considered it necessary to tell, it is necessary to face what difficulties:
- Me have told that there is a darling house korovka. When the bull has run out, I, to put it mildly, slightly was surprised.
Anton Vick`s wife has taken part in game also. It needed to gallop in the soldered sphere on water and a ladder. Vick`s test passed together with the world champion on figure skating by Masha Butyrsky. Despite all diligence, good results it was not possible to achieve.
- Not female it is game, - Anton speaks. - I am critical have concerned participation Vicks, after all it could suffer.
and here Anton did not feel sorry itself and instead of two games as all the others, has taken part in four: in one replaced wounded man Presnyakov, and in another - the Olympic champion, whose name our fellow countryman from - for natural modesty has not wished to name. The matter is that the command of stars of domestic sports in which number of Hasan Baroev, Alexander Mostovoj, Ilya Kovalchuk and many other things, has asked the trainer to include Makarsky in the command:
- Without Anton to us not to win, - sportsmen have declared.
Very few people knows that in the childhood our fellow countryman dreamt at all of career of the singer or the actor. He madly wanted to become the sportsman, the champion, but the destiny has disposed differently. And, by and large, the Big races have given the chance to it to feel sports size. Let for a short while and not seriously, but nevertheless for Anton this game had special value:
- a leah I Could dream at least that it will appear on a pedestal together with the Olympic champions...
following the results of competitions Russian national team has taken the second place. Backlog from leaders was insignificant, there was no final leap, there was nobody to make which - Anton had to return to Moscow urgently.
- I have arrived similar to a continuous hematoma, but that has taken part in races at all I do not feel sorry.


Anastas SHAJDAEVA, nastya@kpplus. tl. ru