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The Indian summer will be late for 10 days

In all Russia September has stood out extraordinary warm. What it is a sign of global warming or simply prolonged Indian summer?
is a rare occurence! - has told the director of hydrometeorological centre Novel VILFAND. - it is absolute in each Russian region average temperature of September has exceeded climatic norm on 2 degrees! In Yakutia the first month of autumn has appeared more warmly usual on 4 degrees. And only in the south of Western Siberia temperature anomaly is less than 1 degree - but too in the warm party. Last decade September - in the centre of Russia, on severo - the country West has especially caused a stir, in Ural Mountains and in the Volga region weather stood simply lovely sight, on 4 - 5 degrees are warmer, than usually happens in the twentieth.
it is possible to tell that the Indian summer this year proceeded the whole month. The forecast of hydrometeorological centre the optimistical: the next ten days, till October, 9th, the Indian summer will proceed almost in all Russia. However, already there will be exceptions: weather forecasters wait for a sharp cold snap in Krasnoyarsk region, the Irkutsk region and in Yakutia. And has most carried to inhabitants of the central regions, severo - the western region, the Ural and Privolzhsky federal districts: here on - former the grace, temperature even will be 10 days to read off scale on 4 degrees above norm. Why the autumn has decided to wait a little with colds?
according to Romana Mendeleevicha, all business in unusual atmospheric processes. The anticyclone from Scandinavia has gone down in our widths in the beginning of last week. But presenting to us short Indian summer and to collapse, it has united with a colleague from Zauralye. So almost over all our immense native land the huge area of an elevated pressure was established - and there is always warm and dry! Rainy cyclones are urged to bypass this stronghold of good weather along the edges. Therefore in the north of the country and in southern areas now there are rains. And in the centre of Russia for all September 20 percent of monthly norm of deposits have dropped out only.


Julia SMIRNOVA, vega@kkplus. tl. ru