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obojdetsjav 2 thousand roubles

in a year to the USA, England and Germany will not start up the new international passport without the biometric document

Soon at penzentsev there will be new international passports with use of high technologies. From the old passport there will be only a colour. In the rest the red-skinned book will be transformed beyond recognition.
- except the habitual data will appear biometric - the characteristic of an iris of the eye, feature of a structure of an auricle and fingerprints. The photo will be two-dimensional, that is en face and in a profile, and any more zalaminirovannaja as earlier, and in plastic, - the chief passport - visa department of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Penza region Svetlana Paramonova tells. - For document protection use a radio-frequency microcircuit. It is the special coding, with it the passport not to forge.
for what it is so much innovations and a leah they are justified?
- the new passport - a guarantee of that will not land you where - nibud on border. After all for anybody not the secret that such happens: documents are issued correctly, but the press was erased, have carped at a photo or there were other problems, - Svetlana Ivanovna explains. - Now there will be a confidence that you not namuchaetes, will cross border without hassle. And certainly, if you casually lose this document, to use it is exact can nobody! One more reason of introduction of so protected document - toughening on entrance to some countries from - for acts of terrorism.
while the mechanism of introduction of new passports only is fulfilled, and is not clear, what experts should be visited preliminary before to come to OVIR. After all the description of an iris of the eye and an auricle - not a laughing matter, demands professionalism. It is not known, who will be engaged in it: doctors, militia? In the rest process of reception of the document remains former.
- orders that the scheme of delivery of passports should change, yet were not. Will make out their month. Period of validity - 5 years. In Russia they will start to appear with the beginning of 2007 though in Kaliningrad before - next year, and in Penza - in the second quarter 2007, - Svetlana Paramonova specifies. - Those who lives abroad, can be converted into embassies and consulates. Old passports will be valid before the expiry of the term, but consider that in the countries with rigid control - the USA, Germany, Great Britain - without new documents can and not start up.
for calmness on a trip it is necessary to pay the considerable price: instead of former 400 one rubles registration of the new passport will cost 60 - 70 dollars, that is to two thousand roubles.
by the way, abroad similar hi-tech passports are not present.
- To us come to be registered foreigners, - Svetlana Paramonova speaks, - but at anybody such documents did not meet yet.
Well and a leah will justify this expensive convenience and as customs officers will react to it, soon we learn.

Maria KABANOVA, maria@kpplus. tl. ru