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The Penza Father Frost has refused to meet New year

Boris Lisacha you have invited to Moscow to feast rehearsal two months prior to its beginning

when - nibud heard, that in the end of September people shouted Happy New Year! also dressed up in a fur-tree city? And here organizers of the International meeting of Fathers Frost have decided that now - it is a high time for fun, and have invited on September, 29th known fantastic heroes to Moscow to so-called Prenew Year`s rehearsal. Among the invited the Penza Frost - voevoda (so it officially named on last year`s Olonetsky games) Boris Lisach appeared also. But he has refused a trip to capital.
- where - that one month ago I was called by organizers of a meeting and have in brief told that it will be for mero - acceptance, - Boris Nikolaevich speaks. - I, of course, was surprised: like, not time now. The Main task of the given festival - that old, eminent and titled Fathers Frost have taught young as it is necessary to entertain public. And still should teach how correctly to dress up a New Year tree. I have decided that all it is similar to any backward Moscow party though there and have invited Frosts from 15 cities of Russia and the near abroad countries. To me have still told that instead of olenih teams to us will give limousines and Cadillacs on which are going to carry across Moscow. I have thought and have solved: all it is, of course, tempting, but at me and in Penza of affairs full...
there is and more one important reason why Boris Lisach has refused a trip to capital, - organizers on a food - to residing did not begin to incur any expenses. A pier, come, Father Frost, and have got to with the wide experience with youth not tokmo self-interest for the sake of! Boris Nikolaevich has estimated and has counted up that voyage would manage to it in six - seven thousand roubles.
- for some days to lower such money? - Shrugs shoulders of Lisach. - Is not present, there is time for everything! Let`s suffer till December.


Olga BAJKINA, olga@kpplus. tl. ru