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Dee - dzhej wanted to plant on a needle of 120 thousand persons

Nikolay S has adjusted Deliveries of drugs from St.-Petersburg

to Come to night club not under a high it is considered at Vladivostok gold youth a bad form sign. With drugs in entertaining institutions try to struggle for a long time. But the infection is, seemingly, deep-rooted.

- it is necessary to find common language with owners of clubs! - have understood in Seaside management of drug enforcement. Also have called them on a meeting.

there - that to a club management also have told about last checks. For last 3 months narcopolicemen have walked on 26 pleasure institutions. Has been as a result detained di - dzhej Nikolay With. All last year it worked on different clubs of Vladivostok. And except music was engaged in sale of synthetic drugs. Deliveries went from St.-Petersburg. At detention in it have found out 241 gramme of drugs. And it neither is a lot of nor a little - 120 thousand doses. The sixth part of townspeople for time could be shipped in a nirvana.

similar zaderzhany yet was not. But with drugs in clubs have, seemingly, decided to struggle seriously. Drug enforcement management together with a culture municipal government have decided to start the project the Pure zone - by an example of Moscow. The purpose of this project - to exclude sale and the use of drugs in youth vacation spots. To that institution which will achieve this objective, the certificate will be given out. Heads night lamps already try.

- entertaining establishments contact us if find out persons in a status of narcotic intoxication or narkosbytchikov, - the chief of department of preventive maintenance of Seaside management of drug enforcement Arcady EPIHOV has told. Is, for example, the Asteroid the Champion Dzhumanzhi .

Now in clubs without fail there should be the tablets reminding that drugs it is bad. In the rest institutions work moderately the imagination.

- our security guards always carefully examine all visitors and send back at whom narcotic intoxication is available. It is possible to distinguish from alcoholic it, - has informed the director of night club the Scorpion Elena KUMANEVA. - Once a week we completely search a club premise - under sofas, in toilets, on false ceilings. It becomes to prevent the possible channel of drugs. But while anything suspicious, except gas ballonchikov, did not find.