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From September, 20 till September, 23rd in Sochi there has passed V Sberbankiada of Russia

the Modern bank worker is the person very closely familiar with sports and conducting a healthy way of life. It is proved fine by Sberbankiada spent by the Savings Bank of Russia among re - gionalnyh banks. From September, 20 till September, 23rd in Sochi there has passed fifth Sberbankiada under the bill.
Competitions have turned out more than representative. In them have taken part 18 commands representing territorial banks of the Savings Bank of Russia. To compete to employees of banks was in what. The program of Sberbankiady included competitions on basketball, water polo, mini - to football, desktop and big tennis, run on 100 metres, to track and field athletics relay race, swimming on 100 metres and command relay race on swimming, badminton, small towns, rope pulling, a pool, chess, plank beds - ladies. Wrestling was fair and beskom - promissnoj.
the Command of Volga region bank of the Savings Bank of Russia has not got lost on the general background, having occupied the fourth obshchekomandnoe a place. Have caused a stir both man`s, and women`s teams. The first places in the tournaments in the bill of a female basketball team, the female volleyball command and female
commands on mini - to football. Also on the bill of women the second place in tournament on table tennis. Men`s teams could become the second in tournaments on volleyball and mini - to football. But, despite it, the command of Volga region bank of the Savings Bank of Russia could show the remarkable will to win and prove that our bank can show stable results not only on the basic indicators of work, but also in sports life.
but only the program of Sberbankiady was not limited to sports competitions. Among employees of bank it is a lot of not only sportsmen, but also creative persons. Within the limits of Sberbankiady also has passed grandiose festival of arts. Excellent performances performed by employees of the Savings Bank have been presented attention of spectators. Magnificent songs and perfect dances have not left indifferent anybody from the present. And Sberbankiada has come to the end with grandiose fireworks.
V Sberbankiada became property of history. Uchast - niki have parted on the regions and have again returned to the daily duties. But the next year they again will meet to show pressing forward to be the first not only in work, but also in sports. After all, inherently, sports victories are reflexion of victories and in the basic work. And health which is given by these competitions, helps employees of the Savings Bank to consult perfectly with the problems. And this most important thing.