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In Tarhanah Restoration and upgrade of memorial estate known all over the country will construct hostel and a mill


this year Tarhany were considerably transfigured. Here have put in order monuments and territory: have cleaned two ponds, have placed an oak bosk. All this pleasure in six millions roubles has managed.
- we have restored to a witness mark near to a tomb of Michael Jurevicha Lermontov, - the director of memorial estate " tells; Tarhany Tamara Melnikova. - And we will continue now stable building. It works for us about three years, and there contains ten horses. From them - two ponies who have specially brought from Ryazan. Much to our regret, we do not know precisely, what racers were held by Lermontov`s grandmother. We dream, that in a stable there were same horses on whom in the childhood the young poet drove about. But it to carry out very difficult - there are no documents from which it would be possible to receive the similar information. The only thing is known that Lermontov very much praised Bashkirs . And one horse of this breed at us is. Employees of a museum went behind it to Bashkiria.
on one of museum ponds there was a walking boat. It completely corresponds to the sample a swimming construction the XIX-th century beginnings. All details are made according to historical documents. It is planned that very soon there will be already a second such boat as one does not cope with huge turn wishing to drive.
same year restoration works in church of Michael of the Archangel in Tarhanah have begun.
- In 60 - e years of the last century here zabelili all lists, - are explained by Tamara Mihajlovna. - And now all of us clean it, we remove this putty. Work difficult, laborious. I even think that year on three all this repair will be stretched.
in plans of a management of a museum to establish a mill. At the time of their Lermontov in an estate was three, but now want to restore at least one, near to manor.
in addition to all to it, by 2014 - to 200 - letiju from the date of a birth of the poet - in Tarhanah are going to construct hostel. That to the tourists who have arrived from apart, was where to stop. Next year the detail design will be given. Cost of erection of hostel to name difficult, but, according to Tamara Melnikovoj, only the project will manage in 4 million roubles, without speaking about the building. There already the bill will go on tens and hundred millions.


Anna DMITRICHEVA, anna@kpplus. tl. ru