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Penza an opera celebrate the feast

Today - Day of criminal investigation department

on October, 5th at all employees of criminal investigation department - a professional feast. Will already mark its eighty seventh successively. The day before we have taken an interest, as is ministered to the Penza field investigators.
- the most frequent crime now - cellular telephone theft: approximately
70 - 80 % of all affairs. It is easy to explain it: the goods very claimed, and at it a wide commodity market, - are explained by the senior operupolnomochennyj criminal investigation department of May Day area Andrey Kulkov. - Them pereprodajut in the markets or under announcements. In half of cases phones come back to owners.
more serious crime - attacks on taxi drivers.
- serial armed assaults occurred couple of months back one behind another and very strongly frightened drivers. To one of taxi drivers even tried to set fire in the car, - Andrey Kulkov remembers. - I work in criminal investigation department of 11 years, and this business one of the most interesting and confused. It has appeared that criminals not city, and from area, and have run away from army. Business have passed in military Office of Public Prosecutor, dosluzhit to them, of course, have not given, term threatened - from 7 years and above.
as field investigators celebrate the day?
- a feast we mark always together with wives and colleagues, - Andrey Kulkov specifies. - It and is clear - home - that usually we come back late, during week-end or can call on service, therefore at night and native we see a little. But who loves - is reconciled from thus life.

Maria KABANOVA, maria@kpplus. tl. ru