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The divisional have planted what it rescued the family?

now the wife of the accused struggles for freedom of the spouse

Yesterday in ten o`clock in the morning to a building of the Penza regional court the car has approached: it left 16 persons with flags and headers. Arrived supported local Luninsky ROVD Alexey Krasilnikova accused of a premeditated murder. Picket at the initiative of inhabitants of native village of the militiaman has been organised. Together with picketers to Penza there has arrived also the wife of the divisional - Olga.
tragical night
... The nightmare for a family of Krasilnikovyh living in village Mantorovo of Luninsky area, has begun on November, 13th, 2003. When, coming back from service late at night, Alexey has casually touched a lateral mirror tens standing on road. During the same moment of the car have jumped out some persons and, without a word, have dragged the militiaman in car salon.
- They have carried my husband to Penza, - with tears in the face of Olga Krasilnikova tells. - There it have strongly beaten, have broken an asterisk, have taken away a government-issue weapon and documents. Then all of them have gone back in Lunino - to beat out money. All them was five persons. Have approached on our house already at three o`clock in the morning. We with the daughter slept. When at a door have knocked, I have risen and have asked: Who there? In the answer has heard a voice of the husband: Ol, it I! then I also have opened a door. One gangster has broken into the house, the others remained to wait in the car. What was filled up in the house, has put a pistol barrel to a temple of our daughter and threatened to shoot, if the husband does not pay money. The uttermost horror has then begun! Alexey closed me the body, and I barefoot, in one night sabanon have run to neighbours to call militia. The husband of the house had a gun, and when this abnormal, having been frightened, has run on street, Alexey has rushed for it following - it was necessary for it to return the weapon and documents. The husband shot on car wheels to stop them. And one bullet has got in the gangster...
the husband protected me and the daughter!
the investigation in Luninsky court was began, it lasted seven months. But business then have passed in Railway court of Penza where it have considered for three months. Krasilnikovu have pronounced a sentence under 105 article the Premeditated murder . The basic argument of charge - the divisional has incorrectly led in the street: there was no need to shoot at a back of the escaping.
- while the consequence lasted, my husband continued to work as the divisional, - Olga speaks. - and on July, 25th this year when there was a sentence hearing, it have already deduced from a court hall in handcuffs. To Alexey of a distance five years of a high security. At once have planted in a pre-trial detention centre where it is and now. I am am revolted with a judgement! My husband protected me and the daughter from the moron who tried to kill us. We after all simply by miracle remained are live! And this gangster, somebody Ponomarev, we judge three times! At it in a coin box robbery, a robbery, drawing of the heavy physical injuries which have caused death of the person. At it the inquiry from the psychiatrist that it mentally abnormal. For last episode to it a distance three years. And it has stayed three months, and to it have changed a punishment measure for five years conditionally! And where here justice?
many trespass that killed Ponomareva and its friends - companions was rescued by influential related communications. Even now, when Krasilnikov sits, other party says that a sentence to the divisional have taken out the soft.
that further?
After tragedy daughter Krasilnikovyh - Lilja has had a strong psychological trauma. The girl did not speak the whole week. Till now it cannot come to the senses up to the end. Inhabitants of village and those some persons which have arrived on picket to Penza, respond about the divisional warmly, speak, was the good family man - the attentive son-in-law, the husband and the father.
now Olga Krasilnikova has submitted the appeal to regional court of the Penza region. She hopes that a judgement will reconsider also her husband will return to it. Hearing is already appointed to October, 12th.
- I am adjusted firmly and resolutely. And my husband too keeps, only about the daughter worries strongly. To cry I before accusers of my husband and its offenders do not intend. As in any way, I the wife of the divisional! - Olga has concluded.
picket of inhabitants of Lunino proceeded the whole hour. All this time of them steadfastly was observed by guards of the law and order. Passers-by stopped for a minute, read posters and went further.


Anna DMITRICHEVA, anna@kpplus. tl. ru