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For the governor ran over 10 thousand persons

Youth struggled for mini - motorcycles, computers and own health

to Run in Penza went from all area
Sunday run has been calculated on young penzentsev aged till 25 years.
- the decision to take part in this action has come to me only in the morning, - Alina Majorova tells. - In the beginning I still doubted, but, having seen since the morning behind a window excellent weather, have decided to be run. As at school I was engaged in track and field athletics. Has called with itself friends, and here we here. All very much is pleasant. Even now I think, instead of a leah to be engaged again in sports. If it is not professional, it is simple for the health. I think, on the second year of institute it yet late?
Start has been given at 12 o`clock in the afternoon. Participants should run three and a half kilometre. From the Victory monument, then along the street Karpinsky, Suvorov`s street and street Kulakova. According to Grigory Kabelsky, the length of a distance has been chosen not casually. After all the such there should be a minimum impellent activity of the person daily. The majority of participants ran, cheerfully smiling, as followed the Olympic principle the main thing - not victory, and participation . And the basic prizes at the initiative of the governor were played after finish among all run, irrespective of the shown result. However were and wishing to participate in draw on a freebie . Sly fellows instead of running a distance from beginning to end, joined a column already more close to finish.
- that similar has not repeated and the present participants could participate in draw of prizes only, in a transit time on October, 9th on all route the live corridor will be made, - Grigory Kabelsky speaks. - It will consist of young sportsmen.
to support runners there has arrived also the governor of the Penza region. Vasily Kuzmich has shown penzentsam an example of conducting a healthy way of life, having driven all distance on a bicycle.
- in total in Sunday run have taken part about 10 thousand persons, - Grigory Kabelsky has summed up. - And it not only children from Penza, but also from area: Mokshana, Kuznetsk, Kamenki and other settlements. And it is very joyful. As the majority of participants professionally do not go in for sports.
you will not run about - you will not drive
Good stimulus for the Penza runners there were prizes. First three hundred participants have received for memory of a vest with symbolics of the Penza region. To five fastest guys and girls have handed over tape recorders, teapots and radio tape recorders. Well and draw of the main prizes has taken place on the area near to a cinema the Contemporary right after finish. Besides participants of run on it some more thousand persons which could not only see happy owners of computers and mini - motorcycles have come, but also to take pleasure in a celebratory concert. Draw was watched by eminent Penza sportsmen Victor Buraev, Julia and Alexey Voevodiny, Natalia Sutjagina. And prizes were handed over by the governor of the Penza region Vasily Botchkarev. And they have got not only to children from Penza, but also from area. So, the brand new computer was received by Kurilkin Alexey from Kolyshlejsky area.
as well as on any feast, has not done without funny things. The young guy of the impressive sizes became the owner of one mini - a motorcycle. The governor has not believed in the beginning that it does not have 25 years, therefore has asked the passport. It has appeared, to the guy only it was executed twenty two. By the way, it has left home directly on a prize-winning motorcycle.
- on run I have come to support the daughter, - Larissa Zaharova speaks. - And though we have not won today a prize, all the same remained are very happy. I want to tell thanks our governor for an excellent feast! Today, when the youth thinks of the health ever less, such actions are necessary for us.


Irina LUKYANENKO , irina@kpplus. tl. ru