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Sergey Penkin in the childhood sang in church chorus

School teachers tell about the star pupils

Yesterday by tradition the International day of the teacher was celebrated. In Penza it is a lot of teachers who by right can be proud of the pupils. On the eve of a feast we have gone to those teachers, whose pupils became the present stars. With what they were in school days? A leah it was easy to work with them? And how now there are relations of celebrities with the teachers?
teachers did not think that Penkin becomes well-known
Svetlana Sergeevna Koroleva, the merited teacher, teaches German language at school 47. When - Sergey Penkin was that its pupil.
- the class where Serezha studied, was very big and amicable, - Svetlana Sergeevna remembers. - But Penkin was allocated from all with the any special kindness. It was not so much endowed, how much not ordinary, not such, as all. Some children played a trick on it, laughed, and he took offence, tried to pay to it of attention. But already then it had enough boldness to be oneself. We also could not think that it becomes such well-known!
Sergey Penkin sredne Studied. In particular, on German at it was between the four and a three . But a lot of time devoted to music. Acted at all school concerts, sang even in church chorus. And teachers understood, music is its calling, but did not assume that the pupil will go so far.
- I heard that Sergey upon termination of school has left to arrive to Moscow in Gnesinsky school, - Svetlana Koroleva speaks. - years ten there tried to get! And here once I go along the street, and the young man in a black raincoat towards runs, with an earring in an ear and shouts: Svetlana Sergeevna, I after all have arrived! it was our Serezha.
Recently at school teachers communication with Penkin has interrupted. But its teacher of German language collects all articles written about it, all posters, tries not to pass its concerts when the singer comes to Penza.
- many actors suffer affliction star illness, but Sergey remained same simple, as well as was earlier, - Svetlana Sergeevna considers. - it is frequent after concerts it invites to itself in a make-up room of all Penza acquaintances. And I remember, how it remained at school after lessons and we talked to it on different subjects. Serezha was very sociable, and this line in it remained till now.
after New year the school 47 will mark the 30 - letie. To a feast will necessarily invite its former pupil - Sergey Penkin. Teachers very much hope that the actor will find time and will arrive. For now for visit prepare the stand devoted to its creativity.
Champions come to school with gifts
And here school 28 left many sportsmen known not only in our country, but merited an international recognition. Not always it was necessary to their teachers easily with the pupils, but now from them the present stars have turned out.
- we very much are proud that the champion of Europe, the master of sports of the international class on swimming Natalia Sutjagina, the Olympic champion on rhythmic gymnastics in group exercises Olesya Belugina were our pupils (by the way, at school it was very modest girl), champions of Europe on synchronous jumps of Kostja Hanbekov and Oleg Vikulov, - speaks the principal Larissa Konstantinovna Bubnova. - to Work with them it was interesting, but at the same time it is heavy, as they gave almost all time to sports, and it is necessary also lessons to learn. Nevertheless all were engaged well, tried not to lag behind other pupils, and were remembered as the organised and good-natured children. The school and teachers do not forget. Olesya came to see us on September, 1st, has presented the Cheburashka - the Olympic Games symbol in Athenes, and Kostja came recently with roses.

Olga MEDVEDEV , olya@kpplus. tl. ru