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In Penzepelikany from theatre vzbesilisot pleasures

Five feathery have seen for the first time wildlife in a zoo

In May in the Penza zoo for the first time there was a pelican - Pashka. Now to it have brought friends - five pink pelicans. However, the Pasha not too aspires to dialogue with them.
- the Pasha - breeds the curly pelican, and brand new birds of other kind - pink, - tells the methodist of the Penza zoo Tatyana Kabankova. - Besides he already adult also behaves very seriously and on - business, and to it still half a year. On pelikanim to measures they still teenagers though weigh already on 15 kgs. Therefore Pashke not so - that and is interesting to communicate with them.
pink pelicans have got to us from the Moscow theatre of illusions. There they lived all time in artificial conditions. Therefore, when them have let out in a reservoir of a zoo, birds were simply enraged for pleasure.
- up until that time pelicans never saw wildlife, - tells Tanja. - Therefore at once have begun to run on an open-air cage that all somewhat quicker to survey. Before wintering we plan to leave them here that they have got used.
unlike Pashki who was at first very choosy in meal, these all eat with pleasure. But most of all love fish, especially a sprat. When them feed, birds vys -
traivajutsja abreast as on a school ruler, and wait for the turn. Sometimes happens, as fight from - for meal. Strong traumas they to put while each other cannot. Are young still. If will seize the long beak only the bruise remains. If to anger Pashku it can to bite off with the sharp teeth a finger also.
now, looking at these pelicans, it is difficult to understand, why them name pink.
however it only while.
- Now at them still the first plumage is grey - brown colour, - the methodist shows. - but by next summer it will be possible to see them in all beauty. They, of course, will not be same pink, as a flamingo, but too very beautiful. Feathers at them become is white - pink.


Irina LUKYANENKO , irina@kpplus. tl. ru