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In Kazan children which father has killed mother and it was threw out itself, Parents of two brothers do not allow to take away from Russia

were lost after family quarrel in which result the husband killed the wife, and then has finished itself.

the Bloody drama was played in one of the Kazan houses along the street Ahtjamova on May, 18th. 44 - the summer husband was jealous of the wife. Quarrel has ended with knifing.

the Spouse has seized for a knife and has some times struck it the woman in a stomach. When has understood that has done has called police, and itself has escaped. On « to fresh tracks » to detain the man it was not possible. Have found it after some hours. The father of family lay on asphalt in one of inhabited microdistricts.  

- As check has shown, the man has finished itself. It has jumped out of a window 13 floors. Under the preliminary version the jealousy became the quarrel reason between the husband and the wife, - have informed in SOU SK of Russia across Tatarstan.

  two sons became Witnesses of a family drama. One 13 other 5 years. Now they are with the grandmother and the grandfather in the area of mother.  

As soon as parents of the killed woman have learnt about tragedy, they have there and then arrived to Kazan from Israel. In capital of Tatarstan Olga and Vladimir Irshenam managed to receive time guardianship over grandsons.

However takes away children to Israel the grandmother with the grandfather could not somewhat quicker. The Russian authorities yet do not give the permission to export of brothers.