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By victims on business Pussy Riot are recognised svechnitsa and the church-goer, tested moral travails

the Consequence has declared the trial termination on business in the relation of participants of group Pussy Riot, arranged the punk - molebn in Christ the Saviour Cathedral. The lawyer of one of singers has informed on it on Monday Nikolay Polozov.

As he said, charge has undergone minor changes after two spent examinations. To vocalists article « is officially made; the hooliganism made by the organised group of persons on preliminary arrangement on motives of religious hatred ». Now representatives of protection of other prisoners go to an insulator where will familiarise with results of investigation.

Lawyer Mark Feygin has told « to Interfax » that after studying of all three volumes has put the text victims will receive.

« By victims security guards of the temple, one svechnitsa and one church-goer are recognised. This all the same who was witnesses on this business. They are recognised by victims because they tested moral travails » - gives of a word of lawyer RSN.

we Will remind, on February, 21st five girls have come to Christ the Saviour Cathedral under the pretext of believers and have arranged « the punk - a prayer service ». Three from them have been arrested subsequently. Happened has called a wide public resonance. Representatives of Russian Orthodox Church were divided on ready to forgive hooligans and assured that girls are necessary for putting in prison. Support to group have rendered blogery and ordinary Muscovites.