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At the vladimirskiy railway station is not present help

Instead of habitual all vladimirtsam help service of railway station which worked jotas and not without censures more, but it is stable, now operates « Uniform it is information - the service centre » the Russian Railway. It means that the local gurus having all - taki representation both about a city, and about specificity of set questions, in help are not present more. And those whom have typed in the centralised service, will penetrate into work still for a long time.

the First attempt to receive the information from « the Uniform service centre » has yielded amusing result. A question I have set the elementary:

- the Electric train « Moscow - Vladimir » departure from Moscow at 21 o`clock, in how much in Vladimir comes?

By name of Grigory the question has stumped the employee. He long searched for an unfortunate electric train in the schedule, confusing Vladimir and Yaroslavl, and at last confidently declared that such on a broader scale is not present. And never was. On attempt to convince that the electric train is on a Russian Railway site, and many went by it « in nature » has led to that Grigory has declared:

- I Consider conversation not constructive.

Also has hung up. By the way, employees vladimirskiy help never such allowed themselves. Without saying that the local knew, how much and what electric trains in Vladimir is (as it is a little of them...)

If it there was a common example of work of new help service with hope to learn the information on trains and electric trains by phone vladimirtsy can say goodbye. There is a hope of a site of the Russian Railway which, the truth, the second week practically does not work - hangs and ceases to respond to inquiries.

Phones « Uniform it is information - the service centre » the Russian Railway: (4922 49 - 24 - 00, 8 800   775   00 00.