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During the summer period in Krasnodar will strengthen security measures

the Authorities of Krasnodar with the beginning of a season of summer holidays, school and student`s vacation will strengthen security measures and control over conditions in a city.

At the taken place session of Security council Vladimir Evlanov has demanded to take exhaustive measures of influence on disturbers of the public order, capable to provoke conflicts and fights.

- Preventive work should be conducted it is co-ordinated and shirokomasshtabno, having united for this effort of the power, police, the public, the Cossacks and national - cultural communities. To hold a situation under constant control, - the mayor has declared.

Head has charged to pay attention to a state of affairs in an education system. In a threshold of graduation parties and entrance examinations when to a city there will arrive entrants from other regions, it is necessary to strengthen security control at schools, technical schools and high schools, to spend additional work with teachers and parents.

- Except police, we should take measures of public reaction - to generate public teams for patrol of places of mass abiding and rest. To invite in them volunteers, Cossacks and it is obligatory representatives of diasporas and national cultural communities. For order maintenance it is necessary to involve to the full possibilities of system of street video monitoring, - has noted   Vladimir Evlanov.

representatives constantly live In Krasnodar more than 120 nationalities. From 84 public associations operating in sphere of international relations, 15 have the status of the city organisations, 5 - local district, all the others have the regional status.

From 10 most numerous national groups living in Krasnodar (more than 1 thousand persons) - all have national - the cultural associations reflecting them interests. In a city 4 Russian national organisations, 3 Ukrainian, 3 Belarus, 13 Armenian, 4 Jewish, 4 adygskie, 3 Greek, 2 Kurdish operate, informs a press - city administration service.