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In Astrakhan have cleaned apartments on one million roubles

a Series of room thefts has swept across Astrakhan half a year back. Crimes very much resembled each other. Thieves took only money and gold. So it is more difficult to trace the seller after goods sale. But « domushnikov » all - taki managed to be detained – besides prosherstiv places of buying up and having talked to secondhand dealers

In a gang entered two persons. The senior, both on age, and on a rank has arrived from Stavropol Territory where has stayed for similar crimes not one year. Having settled in Astrakhan, has found to itself the assistant. Not such spetsa on locks as it, but capable to stand on « a chickie ». At first the leader found apartment. The selection principle was one: a decent door, but with the medium complexity lock. Then the couple came into an entrance. Painted over eyes of doors lipstick. Spets opened the lock by means of tools - in a small man purse the drill was located on batteries even. While the younger watched, that nobody left from the neighbours, the first already investigated apartment in search of money and gold. Without extraction did not leave.

- For half a year they have made 13 room thefts. The sum stolen - about one million roubles. From this that it was possible to prove it. The assistant to the leader has gone on a cooperation with the investigation, therefore to it smaller term, than podelniku shines. Criminal cases are passed in court,   - has told «» Andrey Makuhin, the chief of branch of an investigatory part of the Department of Internal Affairs across Astrakhan.