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Director BKZ Emma Lavrinovich: « wanted to invite Edward to an anniversary of a hall » in the Autumn;

Emma Vasilevna too has learnt about death of the actor this morning.

- the Perfect voice, the talented person, the clear head, - remembers director BKZ « October ». – From that remarkable galaxy of real professionals which, unfortunately, becomes less. Such singers – it is culture and a symbol of Petersburg. We had very much good fellowship. Any celebratory concert in BKZ did not do without Edward Hil.

And after concerts the director and the singer talked often. It was especially remembered to Emma Vasilevne from those conversations that Hil, unlike many other actors of the senior generation, supported young, beginning.

- more often among actors on - to another, know, the competition, - to speak Emma Vasilevna. – And Hil always very much on - kind, made thrifty use of the young.