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Railwaymen have promised Poltavchenko to secure stations and to construct children`s park of attractions

Stations will turn to hubs

Vladimir Yakunin and George Poltavchenko have met in Smolnom on second of June. Have talked about railway conditions in Petersburg and about its improvement. As a result have signed a number of agreements.

- One of them concerns arrangements and developments of territories near to stations of Petersburg, - have reported in a press - railway service. Is it is necessary to provide property and public order protection. Besides, with a view of counteraction to terrorism and extremism.

the Moscow, Ladoga, Finnish, Baltic and Vitebsk stations will transform into so-called hubs: the points accessible to all kinds of a municipal transportation. This idea of Poltavchenko has pleased.

- the Territory of a site near the station should not affect reduction of security of transportations at all and should not create loading on ulichno - a high system, -   the governor has underlined.

with a railway binding

the Government of Petersburg trusts Park of attractions to railwaymen. The earths near the station will be given them without competition carrying out on them.

According to Yakunin, its company incurs serious monetary loading

- But we do not pursue commercial objectives! – head « has assured; the Russian Railway ».

Changes will mention not only Petersburg, but also Leningrad region. In territory of buffer park in a city Pushkin railwaymen will construct … park of attractions. But not idle time, and with a binding to trains and steam locomotives.  

- the Project is unique for a city. It should not be the traditional complex of entertaining attractions, - Yakunin has told. - Its concept should be based on new ideas that would correspond to social orientation of children. To their development and education.

According to Poltavchenko, it there should be a thematic park with a binding to the railway. It, including, will include also a historical component.


business will not be limited to the Accomplishment of stations and building of children`s park.

Participants of meeting have decided to co-operate densely enough:

- We have discussed the project of carrying out of cargo movement for limits of city territories and building of a high speed highway Petersburg - Moscow.

the Chief of the October railway Victor Stepov has noticed that some variants of passage of a line which unite placing of the terminal around the Moscow station are already developed.

George Poltavchenko has supported the concept of ward of a high speed highway in city centre and has given OK to its development.