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The inhabitant Soviet has dug out a fighting grenade on the kitchen garden

on Third of June   about 16 hours the townsman Soviet digging a kitchen garden on the personal plot has found out any zhelezjaku, similar to a grenade. He has informed on the find in police. The employees who have arrived on a scene, having examined the found out subject, were convinced that a find dangerous – a fighting grenade « RGD - 5 ».

Policemen urgently evacuated people from a number of the located houses on safe distance and have surrounded   territory. To a scene   has arrived   the carriage of the first help and spets - the car of fire protection. Chief MOMVD of Russia « supervised over operation personally; Soviet » the lieutenant colonel of police Vadim Zavodov.

the Place of detection of a find was protected by employees MOMVD before arrival of sappers from Hunts - Mansijska. As experts from district, a pomegranate   have confirmed; Is fighting though it long time has lain in the earth and has strongly rusted. Arrived of UMVD on district policemen have solved   to destroy a find on a place by blasting.

Now experts   find out all circumstances at which the grenade could get to a kitchen garden, informs a press - service MOMVD of Russia « Soviet ».