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Serial Claims will open secrets of judicial system

On TV channel Universal Channel display of 1 season of a popular judicial serial « has begun; Claims » leading roles in which are executed by Gebriel Maht and Patrick Dzhej Edams. Maht, familiar to spectators on a role of the Avenger from the Hollywood film with the same name, and this time plays the minister of the law. Its hero Harvi Spekter – succeeding nju - jorksky the lawyer - became recently the partner in legal firm « Pirson Hardman ». It is full of determination to find the sensible assistant, but candidates, unanimously, are boring and uninteresting. However on interview to Spekteru voleju a case the lawyer - half-educated person Michael Ross who besides has problems with police gets. The young rake amazes the experienced lawyer with encyclopaedic knowledge of laws and subtleties of action of proceeding. And then Harvi Spekter dares at an unprecedented step: to employ the person without education.

As business and friendly relations of heroes will develop further, you will see in 1 season of a serial « Claims » on TV channel Universal Channel, since 7 - go May at 21:50.

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