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Kate will prove that court - not a unique source of justice

On TV channel Universal Channel the Russian premiere 2 seasons of a popular serial « has taken place; the Intermediary Kate » a leading role in which the American actress and model irano - the Spanish origin the Sarai has executed Shahs.

- pra - the great-granddaughter of the persian shah, the Sarai tells Pra in English, persian and in Spanish languages. At it a brown belt on carat, and she plays a guitar and the piano. The sarai has begun career of the actress with shootings in television serials. To spectators its characters in tapes « were remembered; Sex in other city » « the Soprano Clan » « Life as a sentence ». Also she successfully acts in film and in full-length cinema. In 2011 in hire there was a picture « I do not know, how it does it » in which Shahs has played together with the Sarai - Dzhessikoj Parker, and in 2012 on screens leaves a thriller « Uncontrollable » Where the Sarai has played a role of the daughter of Jimmy Bobo - hero Silvestra Stallone.

Having discouraged in judicial system, Kate Read becomes the intermediary under the permission of uneasy situations. Thanks to congenital talent and intuition it resolves with ease even the uneasiest questions. On work she achieves certain successes, and its private life gets confused more and more. In a new season you learn that firm « Read and Read » is on the verge of bankruptcy. The stepmother dismisses Kate, but thanks to actions of the brother it again comes back in the command. It should understand business about a tresspass to health on manufacture and not to confuse pity with love to almost ex-husband Justin Patrick.

Look the Russian premiere 2 seasons of a serial « the Intermediary Kate » on channel Universal Channel every Monday, since May, 7th at 21:00.