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Near Tambov have denounced the former policeman for excess of powers of office

One of these days Morshansky district court the sentence were operupolnomochennomu has pronounced to police. In February, 2011 inhabitant Morshanska has voluntary handed over it a gun sawn-off shotgun. Also has explained that has found out it in 1997 in a building of the thrown pump station. The dishonest policeman did not begin to be engaged in searches of the person who has made a sawn-off shotgun. It has urged the acquaintance who abused alcohol and had problems with the law that that has stipulated itself(himself) that has made and stored a sawn-off shotgun. Then has written from his name an explanation. Employees of Office of Public Prosecutor of the city of Morshanska have elicited the falsification fact. Against the former policeman have filed criminal charges under article « Excess of powers of office ». Then he was again converted to old familiar with the request that that has slandered the employee of Office of Public Prosecutor elicited the falsification fact, that it has put it a beating, that « to beat out » Explanations.

- the Court at adjudgment has considered the person of the defendant which has in charge of the juvenile child and has sentenced it to 3 years of imprisonment conditionally with deprivation of the right within 3 years to occupy posts in law-enforcement bodies, - have told in a press - service Offices of Public Prosecutor across the Tambov region.