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The main gay of Moscow will arrive on the gay - parade in Petersburg

the Leader Moscow LGBT movements Nikolay Alekseev has declared that will arrive on action without dependence from that, will co-ordinate its authorities or not.  

He has added that it will be not not stopped by the new law toughening responsibility for infringements during public actions.

of course, we will Leave. The penalty of 300 thousand is for defeat of another`s property, and another`s property I be not going to smash. I was never made answerable for damage of another`s property and never left on demonstration in a mask. Therefore, the maximum that threatens me it of 30 thousand roubles of the penalty if someone applies it. If that 30 thousand I can pay, for me it is a small problem. Therefore I will leave anyway, and next time I will come on the Petersburg gay - parade on July, 7th - has declared Alexeys.

Earlier the gay - the active worker has written in Tvittere: On July, 7th I leave on the gay - prajd in Petersburg! We will test the new Putin law. Bablo have allocated .    

we Will remind that the new law on toughening of responsibility for infringements during public actions has come into force on Saturday on June, 9th after official publication in to the Russian newspaper .