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The summit of Africa will pass not in Malawi as it was supposed earlier

the International criminal court (MUS) accuses the Lobster al Bashira of a genocide and war crimes in Darfur. The African union (EXPERT) with such sentence does not agree and demands, that Malawi which should spend the summit of Africa in July, has allowed to drive to it on the territory and to take part in conference work.

the Former president of Malawi Bingu va Mutarika which have died in April of this year, refused to arrest Bashira, however the present head of the country – Joyce Banda takes of other position on this question. After the government of Malawi has declared that does not want to see the Lobster al - Bashira in Lilongve, republic capital, Khartum was converted to the EXPERT with the request to transfer the summit in Addis - Abebu.

the EXPERT has asked Lilongve to reconsider the position, however the vice-president of Malawi Kumbo Swung has declared to journalists that the government has carefully weighed all « for » And « against » also has decided to refuse carrying out of the African summit. According to charter MUS which member is also Malawi, all members of this international organisation are obliged to detain the military criminals who are in their territory. After in October, 2011 Mutarika has refused to arrest Bashira which have arrived to Malawi, MUS has complained of this South African country in United Nations Security council. In the same way MUS, informs Guardian, has arrived and with Chad, Kenya and Djiboutis which too him recognise also which too have refused to arrest the Sudanese leader.