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The chief of Usinsk inspection of technical supervision wanted to substitute criminally the local resident, for what the Office of Public Prosecutor of Usinsk will pay itself

and employees of FSB of Russia across Komi have checked up, how execute the law   about corruption counteraction in   inspections of technical supervision of Usinsk. While inspected, have found out the false white paper.   the chief of Usinsk inspection of technical supervision, Vladimir Kozlovsky, so used office position for the blessing to itself favourite to receive the award.

to raise indicators of attraction of persons to a criminal liability, so to say, to pursue the scheme, Kozlovsky has thought up to make the administrative report under article « infringement of rules or norms of operation of tractors, self-propelled, dorozhno - building and other cars or the equipment » concerning one of local residents. Which, it is necessary to tell, was in shock, after all it not only broke nothing, but even at report drawing up was absent. T

akim in the image, the chief of inspection has brought obviously false data in the white paper.   yesterday concerning Vladimir Kozlovsky have filed criminal charges under article « office forgery » the maximum punishment on which makes 2 years of imprisonment. Office of Public Prosecutor Vuktyla supervises an investigation course.