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In the USA sum up the largest operation in struggle against a children`s pornography

Operation « Orion » proceeded month and passed not only in territory of the United States where the focal points, but also in a number of other countries all over the world were developed: in Argentina, Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, Serbia, the Netherlands and on Philippines.   law enforcement bodies yet do not open details.

It is known only that an operation result, by the way, to the largest in the history of struggle against a children`s pornography in America, a steel of 190 arrested persons and 18 rescued children. An operation overall objective « Orion » suppression of manufacture and distribution of a children`s pornography on video and photocarriers was. « the champion » became 28 - the summer arrested person in the State of Michigan from which have withdrawn more than 1200 pictures and 109 videocassettes with a children`s pornography.

« Let this operation becomes the prevention to all that who thinks that it is possible to use the Internet for sexual operation of children, - results Bi - bi - si words of the director of Immigration and customs police of the USA of John Mortona. - We search for you, we will find you, and you will be punished ».