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In Kirillo - the Afansievsky man`s monastery of Yaroslavl there was an orchard

In day of the basis of Kirillo - the Afanasievsky man`s monastery of Yaroslavl in its territory there was an orchard. Trees have landed in memory of an appropriation a monastery of its main relic - a wonder-working image of Not-made-by-hand Spasa, the mansion history has from this point on begun. By the way, the icon of Not-made-by-hand Spasa was one of the most honoured jaroslavtsami, just as icons of the Tolgsky and Smolensk Birth-Giver of God.

the First fruit trees were planted a metropolitan by Yaroslavl and Rostov Panteleimon and a diocesan Rybinsk and Uglichsky Veniamin. The same day in Spaso - the Proboinsky temple of a monastery the Divine liturgy for the first time has been served.

we Will note, the monastery basis has occurred at the time of when in Yaroslavl there was a home guard of Minina and Pozharsky. During the same period jaroslavtsy perished from ulcer epidemic. Under the legend, the prior of the Cathedral of the Dormition has received divine command to take an icon of the Savior from the old chapel which are near to wooden   Cyril and Athanasius Aleksandrijsky`s church and to spend religious procession with an icon. After that mor in Yaroslavl has stopped. As annals when religious procession has returned to a chapel « bear; secret force has stopped bearing an image ». The wonderful phenomenon has been conceived as a sign: on this place have constructed a temple which named Spaso - Proboinsky as there was it in Proboinsky street later. Before a wonder-working icon of Spasa among the first prayed Kozma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky. The icon of Spasa Not-made-by-hand, were in a monastery before revolution, has returned to Yaroslavl in January, 2011, and the monastery has been again opened in 2009.


Has rescued Not-made-by-hand — Special type of the image of the Christ, representing choir of the Savior on a payment (scarf), a clay board or a tile. On a legend such icons have a not-made-by-hand origin — it is a print of a choir of the Christ on ubruse (scarf) which the Savior, having washed, has wiped the person.