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To Chudovo have arrested coffee service

Six cups and six saucers have drawn attention of workers of territorial department of management of Rospotrebnadzora   in Chudovsky area during planned check of one of local little shops, that on it there were no documents and the information in Russian.

  Service have withdrawn and have subjected to chemical processing.

- It has appeared that coffee service on level of migration of lead and cadmium in the modelling environment   (1 % - aja   acetic acid) does not correspond « Uniform   sanitary - epidemiological and to hygienic requirements to the goods which are subject sanitary - to epidemiological supervision (control) »!   - has told   the chief of territorial department Rospotrebnadzora in Chudovsky area Natalia Zavgorodnjaja.

Vyjasnilost as that cups and saucers have been made in China by firm « Grandee Venju Limited ».

Considering that usual citizens to dip just bought ware into vinegar, for certain not will and check on lead migration too, experts of Rospotrebnadzora have recommended to pay attention to, a leah is at got utensils accompanying documents in Russian. And on such usual and obvious oversights, as the greased paints and a strange smell from cups and saucers.