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Future electric trains have already appeared in Petersburg

While on the October railway one such structure has arrived only. An electric train have constructed at Torzhkovsky car-building factory by request of the Russian Railway. Founders assure that new electric trains will allow to save money. Their design allows to reduce working costs more than to thirty percent.

Passengers too should estimate a novelty. Cars are executed by last word of technics.

Doors of cars are designed so that it is possible to use structure at stations both with low, and with high platforms.

Transitions between cars the hermetic. So in a heat in structure it will be cool, and in frosty weather - warmly. Air central air, and system of ventilation of platforms will take care of it.

Security of passengers will be provided with video observation system. It passes « a picture » From salons, platforms and as shows how there passes landing and disembarkation.

In head cars there are lifts for invalid carriages, and as toilets.

Now, the main thing that would weigh this comfort it was not reflected in fare.