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Semak is assured of victory over Greeks

Players of Petersburg football club after small rest now doctors check. In parallel with it they still have time to give interview. Argue first of all on Euro 2012 and in particular   to destiny of Russian national team.

Seregej Semak, the halfback “ Zenith ” has had time to note in interview “ SS ” that our football players necessarily leave group.

- I saw a match with Czechia, and at game with Poland, unfortunately, yet have not looked – has arrived from holiday, -   this night; Sergey has told. - it seems to me, the command plays approximately the same level that four years ago, but players became more skilled in respect of performance on the big tournaments. We are much stronger than Greeks. But any football player would like to remove in such situation all questions already after two matches.

Semak has complained also that holiday has turned out small. At the football player the big family - the whole six children nurtures tridtsatishestiletny the halfback.

- the Quantity of members of a family, of course, introduces the corrective amendments – it is truth. Even the small weariness is from rest, after all care of children – it too heavy work. But during holiday there is an activity change, it is important. With children has tinkered, now it is possible to start performance of the football duties, - the football player has added with a smile.