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« the March of millions » there will pass across Yakimanka

Opposition and the Mayoralty of Moscow have agreed about carrying out the March of millions on the Marsh area, about it Sergey Parhomenko has written in the blog. For June, 12th have essentially agreed on Marsh. But only on VERY BIG MARSH. That is together with ALL area before the Drummer . The scene should stand near the Biggest Stone bridge, a back to the Kremlin - he has informed.

As he said, participants of procession will pass across Yakimanka and can fill all space of Marsh quay. The scene will stand thus « a back » to the Kremlin.

However, as he said, it only the basic arrangement.

« Until it will not be podvterzhdena the white paper, to consider its guaranteed it is impossible » — the oppositionist has written.

- the Document will be issued and given out today,   - has told a source in the Moscow mayoralty. - however, probably, time of gathering of participants of the action will be preneseno from 15 o`clock on poden. The matter is that in the evening on Red Square the big concert will be held and for its security a considerable quantity of policemen is required. imposing even partial, two actions it is undesirable.