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The fire in Verhne - Tazovsky reserve is localised

Now the site area in 98 hectares of Verhne - Tazovsky reserve is under control of firemen - commandoes of Krasnoselkupsky group GKU « JAmalspas ». Watch of brigades will proceed to a fire complete liquidation. Kindling was the result of a dry thunder-storm - the fire has arisen in the plantings having a high class of natural fire danger.

- We deal with suppression of an unpredictable local fire in difficult many-tier woods in which structure coniferous breeds &ndash prevail; one of the most dangerous at burning, - were explained by the head of department of wood relations of profile department of district Anton Kolodin, - In view of that for many years in untouched remote forest stands the powerful layer of a soil laying was generated, there is a probability of occurrence of the new centres of kindling. For this reason brigades GKU « JAmalspas » continue watch. As a whole the situation is under complete control.

Now there is no obvious threat of transition of operating fires on autonomous region territory, but control is established the round-the-clock.

In connection with tragical events in Republic Tyva the governor of district Dmitry Kobylkin has given the commission to strengthen security measures of staff and voluntary teams at work in a zone of forest fires.