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The Pentagon has declared arrival in Syria the Russian military men

the Source   in the Ministry of Defence of the USA has spread on Saturday of the information according to which the ship of the Navy of Russia with the armed contingent onboard has arrived to the Syrian port Tartus, According to the American military men, before seamen a task in view of protection of the Russian base which is in this strengthened point.

Under data   the British TV channel ITV, in the Pentagon have negatively conceived news about arrival of the Russian military men. In the American Ministry of Defence are afraid that input, let and the limited armed contingent of the Russian Federation, is capable to undermine efforts of the USA on blockade of a mode of Asada.

Earlier the head of American foreign policy department Hilari Clinton declared sending by Russia to Syria fighting helicopters.   after that, Moscow in categorical tone has denied this information.

the Base of our country in the city of Tartus has been created in 1971. By this time it is the unique strengthened point of Russia in the far abroad.

Opposition between supporters and opponents of Bashara Asada in Syria proceeds since March, 15th, 2011. In this time victims of the conflict became not less than 9 thousand persons. According to an official position of Russia, the international community it is necessary to refrain from pressure upon Bashara Asada, having given it time for carrying out of transformations in the country.