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In Syktyvkar on roundabout the passenger " was lost; BMW X5

at Night 7 - go June in 00 - 40 39 - summer men, the driver and the passenger, went on an off-road car « BMW X52 » on the way to detour of Syktyvkar in a direction of Ezhvinsky area. On 29 - m kilometre the driver has exceeded speed, has lost control, and the car has taken off in right in the direction of travel a ditch where has turned over.

As a result of road accident the driver of an off-road car has suffered, it hospitalised with cranial - a brain trauma, brain concussion, a trauma of cervical department of a backbone and a stupid trauma of a stomach. The passenger has died even before arrival « First aid ».

Both participants of road accident have not been fastened by seat belts.

the same day in capital Komi on Tchkalov`s crossroads - the October driver, the woman 80 - go year of birth, at the wheel « Volkswagen Polo » Has not given advantage to the car going on « vstrechke ». As a result of collision the woman - the driver « has suffered; polo »: closed cranial - a brain trauma, concussion of a brain and a bruise of cervical department of a backbone — it is not hospitalised. And also the passenger of the second car - participants of road accident, « Audi A6 » 80 - the summer woman: head injuries, language and a bruise of knees.



« Parameters of security of BMW X5 have once again confirmed its status of the most reliable and safe car in the class. Thus X5 became the first off-road car which has received all five stars on system EuroNCAP » - it is informed on an official site of BMW in Russia (www. bmw. ru).

But whatever super - safe was the car, to observe safe speed of movement and to use seat belts — the obligatory requirement.