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From 1 500 court yard of Kirov will repair only 229

If from work to the house not to go in the stuffy, dirty bus, and to go on foot and not on the main and rather pure streets, and on court yard Kirov opens absolutely on the other hand. It is possible even to tell that it bursts, as a heat-spot, letting out pus: garbage, a dirt, pools, rusty garages and curve dustbins. Our court yard — it is the back of the polished medal. If ourselves do not watch cleanliness and rather, it for us will be made by the authorities as can.

the Second year in Kirov is realised the municipal program « Repair of domestic territories and fares to domestic territories of the apartment houses located in municipal union « the City of Kirov » on 2011 - 2013 ». For 2012 from the regional budget have allocated 102 million, and from city - 100 million roubles. The ardent desire « to saw » this money and to go on new sidewalks tenants of 1 500 court yard have voiced. But tenants of 229 court yard become happy investigators of a jackhammer in the street. To universal pleasure, will increase two journeys between houses - the lucky beggars which neighbour is the office building.

it is natural that territories chose not on a lottery and did not pull a piece of paper from a cap. There are quite concrete principles.

- to get to the list, court yard borders should be interfaced to socially significant objects or provide pass, journey to them, - the assistant to the head of administration of a city of Kirov Gennady Yakimov has explained. Is a polyclinic, children`s preschool and school establishments, objects of the state, regional, municipal property. And also to appear in the ranks of the repaired court yard it was possible under offers of territorial administrations of a city administration of Kirov and Social council at the mayor of Kirov.

That is the mere mortal there was not to get, at least, while repair zones round gardens. It is natural that with it one are happy and others are not happy.

- As on a broader scale it is possible to divide court yard? What, from my house nobody drives children in a garden, or we not people? - The Hope is indignant kirovchanka. - at us in a court yard at times not to pass, not to drive, I any more do not say that children have no place to play. Here also it is necessary to go with the child for three quarters to a decent court yard for now you go, feet all you will cripple.

Anyhow the list already is, repair of court yard has begun and will proceed under the schedule of the contractor. The main thing that this year to snow had time to make all or on a maximum.