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In Ufa will open cheap dining rooms and will establish the big garbage containers

Except cafe, restaurants and snackbars in our city there should be usual dining rooms with dietary halls where it would be possible to attempt cheaply. The Ufa town governor Irek Jalalov has told about it during time online - conferences on a site « the Public electronic newspaper ».

— I am ready to support businessmen who will open such dining rooms, let are converted with specific proposals, — the head of the Ufa administration has declared. He also has noticed that already there are the patrons of art, wishing to open social dining rooms.

Also readers were stirred with that fact that in capital garbage tanks not everywhere are established. Here that Irek Jalalov has responded: « In due time we exposed on 8 - 12 thousand urns a year, and on autumn two collected back - three thousand! And then you go on collective gardens, you look: urns stand, city … The people sharp-witted at us, but it as a joke. We will pass on krupnoformatnye, stolitrovye urns as the small are hammered literally after two - three passers-by. The part of such urns is already put around the Central market, in general, it has not bad turned out, we will put such on all city ».