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In Samara test electronic mail boxes

Now the sent letters will protect some degrees of protection

Samara became a city - the verifier of new reliable and beautiful mail boxes. Outwardly they resemble cash dispenses, only with bolshej a cut. Floor stand in post offices, and wall place in streets. For more urgent correspondence or departures 1 - go a class use the yellow boxes, all other envelopes need to be lowered in dark blue.

at last - that samartsy can not worry for safety of the letters. Brand new street boxes are equipped by the electronic monitoring system which is reading out a name, a surname of the postman, and also date and time of dredging of mail. The new system of the account will help to eradicate a departure delay. Besides, all external mail boxes have some degrees of protection against street vandals. While in Samara such novelties only 32 pieces, are located they nearby to Glavpochtamtu - in streets Leningrad, Molodogvardejsky, and also in settlement Strojkeramika. In August it becomes Already definitively known, a leah clever and reliable novelties on our mail will get accustomed.