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Mihalok will open restaurant in Moscow

Though treasured dream of Ljapisa - sincere pivnushka in Minsk

that Sergey Mihalok seriously thinks of restaurant opening in Moscow, it became known casually. Friend Mihalka Arthur who owns the Moscow club “Âóäóëîíæ“, has appeared also the friend of journalists “Mihalok has come to“Vudulonzh“to look after a premise, and the national rumour has incurred …“ Aha, - journalists have solved, - will open the club or restaurant … ”And knowingly. The owner of“Vudulonzha“in Moscow has not one hectare whether redeemed, whether the leased earth.

That fact that some packings of eggs have brought to Moscow on album presentation“ Gold jajtsy ”ljapisy with selenium, vypushennyh on a Soligorsk integrated poultry farm with a logo“ GOLD JAJTSY ”has confused the Moscow party, and all have decided that time an album about eggs, also restaurant too. Pier, in the menu there will be fried eggs, omelettes, beze, egg cocktails …

- Actually Mihalok very much loves eggs. And on all presentations demands, that they in a boiled kind were present at quality of an entertainment, but about what will be the menu to speak while early... After all the restaurant exists only at level of conversations, - became there was to open a director “ljapisov“ Evgenie Kalmykov.

- a leah Oh.

- Well, today Mihalok with passion discussed with Ljavonom Volsky:“ Leah instead of to open in Minsk sincere pivnushku … ”Have decided to open. But when, nobody knows. All ideas of Mihalka pass the long period of maturing.

About the club or pivnushke - it is possible to name somehow - Mihalok dreams for a long time. The Minsk party-goers for certain remember club“ Adis Abeba ”which was extremely popular in Minsk about eight years ago. art - Mihalok was the director of this club. Since club did not become, Mihalok feels nostalgia for those times.

- And what is known about gastronomic predilections of Mihalka?

- Well, sausage“ to fingers phanuju ”loves. In a word, simple national dishes. It heats also cheap bochkovoe beer. Even in Paris, near to Tour d`Eiffel, has found a snack bar in which traded“Zhigulevsk“, and ran happy, to all bottles showed … However, after Mihalok and his wife Alesya have got acquainted with Japanese cuisine, began to love all Japanese. House land, of course, do not prepare, but Japanese teas drive, - admitted Kalmyks.

As have told “in the Moscow studio“ Union “, it is a question about from opening of one restaurant, most likely in the centre of Moscow, and the name at it will be“ Ljapis Trubetsky ”.

Mihalok suspiciously goes in for sports recently - almost every day with 15 much. 00 to 19. 00 perfects the body training apparatus, goes on a city by a bicycle. In any way to opening of the restaurant shapes up …


Sakuro the mistress of“Uzbekistona“, and fried eggs from Saleja the Accelerated help“and“Hotel of execution of desires” the actress submit to cafe “At a fountain”

Known to the spectator on serials “Evelina Sakuro is sovladelitsej restaurant“ Óçáåêèñòîí “that opposite to the Minsk circus. The main mistress of “Uzbekistona“ - mum of the actress, and Evelina with the sister - on grab. But happens at restaurant every day. Basically, truth, on purpose to attempt. And the name at restaurant such strange because all three mistresses were born in Tashkent.

the Present husband of the singer Aleksandry Gajduk - the owner of capital club “Bronx“. It is not excluded that, having seen enough of restaurant successes of the husband, Alexander`s following projects too will make with a culinary bias.

the Champion of Paralimpijsky games Oleg Shepel together with the prize-winner of the Olympic games by the athlete Igor Lapshin owns restaurant “At a fountain”. There sportsmen not only eat, but also as required prepare the firm dishes. In the restaurant menu there are, for example, fried eggs from Ruslana Saleja.

the Champion of the USSR on football, the player of that zvednogo Minsk “Dynamo“ Ljudas Rumbutis and his wife have opened cafe Star that on the Victory area. And the former player of modular Belarus on football Radislav Oryol owns a pizzeria “League“.