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Guess three motorcycles and win to bank of butter Chàmpion!

Guess three motorcycles and win to bank of butter Chàmpion!

to catch to bank of butter Chàmpion Superlube MoS (2) 15W - 50, it is enough to call in edition and correctly to name three motorcycles, which at you before eyes. We wait for your answers by phone 232 - 71 - 86 or write to the address oleg@bel

Calls are accepted on Tuesday with 14. 00 to 16. 00. The prize will be received by the author of the most exact answer. Hurry to be the first! We wish good luck!

the Winner will receive a 4-litre jar of semisynthetics Chàmpion Superlube MoS (2) 15W - 50 from Open Company company “ Vega Euro “.

Semisynthetic engine oil Superlube MoS (2) 15W - 50 is a unique product from Chàmpion. This butter has excellent vjazkostnye and temperature characteristics, the friction modifier - disulfid molybdenum MoS (2) contains, allowing to lower losses of capacity of the engine on a friction to a minimum. To apply this butter it is possible vsesezonno both for petrol, and for diesel engines, including turbirovannye. So a key on start, and you the champion!

we wish good luck!


In our last competition the builder - a tiler from Gomel Vladimir Bondarev has defeated. He the first has guessed all three kontsept - a penalty. (2) 15W - 50 it will indulge with butter Chàmpion Superlube MoS the “ the Muscovite “.

And the right answers were such: a picture ¹1 - Dodge Super8 Hemi ; ¹2 - Peugeot Hoggar ; ¹3 - VAZ “ Rapan “ .

P. S.
Automobile prizes are played in each release spetsprilozhenija “ Cars “. Watch an exit. Participate and win!