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New wheelbarrow on credit or second-hand for the?

since cars became on credit accessible, not one motorist has broken to itself a head over a question that all - taki to buy: new on credit or old for the and at once? On the one hand, the normal wheelbarrow can be bought for 3 - 3,5 thousand dollars. Fresher car will manage in 5 thousand. The new car can cost both 15, and 20, but at purchase of the new car on credit at once it is necessary to lay out as much. Then during two - three years to pay off with bank. Here also there is a dilemma. As to be? On the one hand, new cars it is “buzzing“. But after all also costs more expensively. Moreover and to bank it is necessary to pay for using of more thousand the credit. But it is not necessary to repair the new car and to go more pleasantly …

Eventually, everyone solves this problem on - to the. Those who is not frightened by an open cowl, can buy and second-hand. And if money is, it is possible and to relieve itself of autometalwork loading. (See the table).


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Second-hand for the

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1. The price
the First 2 - 3 years it is possible not to think of repair At departure from salon loses in the price nearby 10 - 20 % Almost do not lose in the price There is no reliability guarantee. It is possible to buy the tired device. Repair will cost a pretty penny
2. A choice
It is possible to choose any complete set by the inquiries and a purse: the engine, colour, additional equipment

Accessible cars at the monthly income in 300 dollars not and much. It is necessary to choose from ten the cheapest models. Usually midget cars:“ reno simbol “,“ shkoda fabia “,“ Fiat a puma ”…

Not absolutely so. The choice actually is wide. It is possible to choose and expensive model and to obtain the credit for its purchase, but the percent on the credit will be above

the Choice depends on contained your purse. There are 50 dollars - it is possible to think of purchase“ zaporozhtsa “and“ copecks ” It is necessary to buy that is in the market. To reserve the additional equipment it is impossible. It is necessary to be engaged in its installation most
3. Obligations
the Insurance of“Avtokasko“will compensate to you any damage of a car. The dealer undertakes to repair free of charge the car during a warranty period Within several years to bank it will be necessary to repay a debt every month. To sell the car, without having paid off under the credit, you have no right. Departure for country limits is forbidden (depends on conditions of insurance of “Avtokasko“) you should nothing to anybody. Get rid of unsuccessful purchase it is possible at any moment for you too should nobody. If to you “has had the luck“ to buy the car with the killed engine, repair to lay down on you. The seller only will make a helpless gesture - saw that took
4. Expediency
the Car will bring only pleasure and any headache. And if your monthly income is high enough, except the car you can allow yourselves and other purchases

to buy the new car it is possible at the constant income over 300 dollars.

the New car very quickly loses in the price. Therefore to go by it it is necessary where - that a minimum of year 3, and even 5 - 7 years

At sale beushnoj cars in some years you will lose the insignificant sum: From 300 dollars to thousand If it is necessary to choose between car or apartment acquisition, it is better to give preference to real estate. House cost/ apartments in the course of time only will raise. Only here by apartment to go it will not turn out
5. Security
Than novee model, especially high level of passive and active security. Practically by all new cars the pillow for the driver enters into the standard equipment about 10 Years ago requirements to security were where more modestly. Besides, rigidity of a body was in this time undermined by a rust. Details have worn out. For example, the torn brake hose
6. The prestige, pleasure from possession
a modern thing
When leaves new model, motorists in Europe throw off an old wheelbarrow and take a novelty. For someone it is image of the succeeding person, someone appreciates technical innovations and more comfort high level prestige it is necessary to pay Possibility to save On beushnoj car dust in eyes will not start up. Our pensioners on a summer residence go by “Mercedeses“. But it not those models that stand at bank. Such old man nenamnogo is more prestigious than “Zhiguli“.